Review : The Great Gatsby the Immersive Experience

Last week, I went to The Great Gatsby the Immersive Experience. Arriving fashionably late (but not too late) in our charleston attire, our expectations were formed rather high. All the details of the event are kept very secret so I am gonna watch my words.

I really liked the idea of the “play” with the secret location and the dress code. We had no idea what to expect and we walked in with an open mind. We were led to a bar serving only cocktails and gin tonics. For my mom (the driver) this wasn’t fun and for me (still a bit hungover from the night before) this was also not so fun. No drinks for us. The show started without a warning, suddenly someone stood on top of the bar and started telling a story. This turned out to be Nick Carroway. After an introduction of about ten minutes the curtains to the next room opened, and we were looking forward to resting our feet. We didn’t get to rest our feet, we had to stand up because there were simply not enough seats. It was located on a stage and the crowd was also on the stage, sitting at tables or (mostly) standing up  between the actors. Sometimes you didn’t see what was going on because they were dancing in the middle of the crowd. Other times they were standing right next to you. It was a very special concept with a lot of potential. But I personally think they could’ve handled it better. For example : one second they grab you to come dancing in the middle of the stage and a minute later they are pushing the people aside for the next scene. It was a bit chaotic. During the play some groups of people were taken to seperate rooms for a side story. But we were never divided into actual groups they just took a bunch of people with them. In the end we saw some people being taken away for the fourth time, while we had only been to a side story once. Have we experienced the whole play then? CAN you experience the whole play? Almost everybody learned the Charleston, we didn’t. By the break there were still only alcoholic beverages being served so once again, no drinks for us.  At the end it just got worse (read : completely wrong ). They were playing dubstep(-ish) music in the background? One of the actrices was wearing black panty’s?

The actors themselves were casted really well. I must also say that it kind of depends what kind of person you are. I do not like to be pulled on a stage or having to speak to a lot of people (which was part of the experience). Some people have no trouble with that and like it.

They might as well just say: “Come have drinks and act like it’s the 1920’s!”. Because honestly,  the best part was the dressing up.

If I have to be completely honest, it wasn’t that great at all. I liked it, surely and I highly recommend it, but it could have been so much more. Our experience wasn’t the best, but I sure had a really good time.

Maybe I’m being too critical, maybe I expected too much… Go and see for yourself! It sure is a nice mother-daughter date.

Cara Lagrou

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