My first solo trip – the final part

After Arthur’s seat I went back to the city centre and had a ride on the festival wheel. Not only did I have a beautiful view over the city, ( including Arthur’s seat where I was just standing!) they also had an audio guide in the Ferris wheel telling you all about the literary history of Edinburgh. It was amazing ! Afterwards I visited Edinburgh Castle which was beautiful and took you back to all the different ages in which it was used. I really took my time for the whole visit. Then I went to the national galleries, because it was a free admission I didn’t expect that much BUT I saw an unknown Da Vinci painting and a real painting from Sandro Botticelli! Also a painting of Peter Paul Rubens. (Plus Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Dyck! Wow what a success.) Afterwards I went to the hostel to rest, shower and read a bit. For dinner I wandered around, passed the Elephant house (birthplace of Harry Potter) and found a local pub called the black bull on grassmarket. Since it was my last night I wanted some local food. So I ate sausages with mash and it was delicious. Just normal and very fulfilling. Loved it. The last night in the hostel was okay, just before I went to bed the girl in the bed next to me on the other side of the room was throwing up..that was great.. I think she was a wee bit drunk. I slept just fine for the rest of the night, woke up early for breakfast, got my luggage ready and went to Princess Street. After about 30 minutes on the tram I was at Edinburgh Airport. Everything went very fluently , I had a mochaccino with a sandwich and boarded the plain. Which was filled with pumped up (slightly drunk) Scots going to Tomorrowland so it wasn’t really a calm flight.  It was an hour and a half on the plane.


There had come an end to my adventure. And oh how great it had been.

Cara Lagrou

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