My first solo trip – part five

It was a beautiful train ride  to Edinburgh, I saw bunnies and even a deer! When I arrived, I was exhausted. I stayed in the castle rock hostel and yes it was almost as high as Castle Rock itself. So there I was climbing the streets with my 12kg backpack. I was so glad when I arrived. I immediately asked if I could stay 2 nights instead of one because apparently I had forgotten to book a hostel for my last night. But luckily, it was not a problem. I stayed in a 12 persons all girls room for both nights. The location of the hostel was amazing, in the middle of the touristic old centre. For dinner I went to an Italian place and had pasta pomodore with some garlic bread. This was the first time that I went to a real restaurant and sat down alone. It was not that bad, and the food was amazing! After that I did my souvenir tour. I headed back to the hostel quite early and had a cosy night in with my book. The next morning I slept until 8.30h which is the longest I’ve ever slept on this trip! I had breakfast at the hostel and went to Edinburgh Castle. It had just opened its doors and all of the Japanese groups had arrived so I got out of there as quickly as I could and made my way to Arthur’s seat. I took a bus and walked further on. When I reached a bench with a view that you can only find in Edinburgh ( the city and a cliff right next to each other!) I sat down to drink my coffee before I climbed further up. I was not dressed for the occasion at all (read : fashionable but not practical). I really doubted whether I should do it or not. Then I thought what the hell, in a few weeks I won’t remember the fear of the wasps or the times I slipped (unless I write about it of course). So I went for it. I reached the top at about 11.30h and the sun was burning. I was sweating like a pig. Not really flattering.

Thoughts at the moment I got to the top : I think I can see the sea from up here at least I think it is the sea. I am so lucky I brought my bottle of water with me, not (it had only one sip left when I started climbing…so I spared it).

Although I was completely not prepared, I really loved this and remember every beautiful second of it. Certainly a must see, the view was just spectacular !

Cara Lagrou

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