My first solo trip – part four

I took the bus to Urquhart Castle. It was beautiful but maybe I expected too much. Although it was bigger than I thought, I wasn’t that impressed. There were so many tourists and I could not enter a lot of rooms because of the small stairways with my gigantic backpack. Then I took the bus further to Inverness and went to the hostel. When I dropped my luggage off at the hostel, I took another bus to Culloden. There I walked 20 minutes to Clava Cairns, where the stone from Outlander (the series) stands. Off course I asked an older lady to take my picture. There were old burial places and it was very interesting. After, I walked back to Culloden and went to Culloden battlefield itself. This was such an amazing experience, emotional too. I really took my time there and bought some souvenirs in the gift shop. What an amazing day! Back in Inverness, I went to get Chinese take out again because I felt like it. Now I’m reading in the lounge of the tourist hostel. I’m loving my vacation. At night my mom suddenly told me you could go dolphin spotting in Inverness so now (the next morning) I’m having breakfast at Costa. Casually drinking my coffee and eating a cinnamon bun before I go to the port. I saw three dolphins and a couple of seals, also a mom and a baby seal. What a successful trip that was. And how lucky I was with the weather ; clear sky and sunshine (10 minutes after I got of the boat it started raining). I still can’t believe I actually saw dolphins, I didn’t even know they lived in Schotland. After the boat trip I got dropped off in the centre of Inverness with the shuttle and had a nice chat with the girl who drove it. Then I went to pick up my backpack at the hostel and rushed to the station to catch the train back to Edinburgh.

Cara Lagrou

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