My first solo trip – part three

The next morning I ate my breakfast at the hostel and left to Waverley station. It was a Sunday and that meant that there were less trains to Inverness. I was lucky enough to be right on time for the 10.35 train or else I would’ve had to wait until 1 pm.  So when I got on the train I found out it would be a 4h long train ride to Inverness with one change. In Stirling I had to take another train to go to Inverness. All of this went very fluently. After 4 hours on the train I had to run to the bus station to quickly get a ticket and get on the bus to Loch Ness. This was another hour of starvation. Unfortunately I sat on the wrong side of the bus for the beautiful lake view.

The hostel was amazing! It had a beautiful terrace with a view on the loch. I could finally eat something! After I ate a pizza and made myself comfortable I wanted to swim in the loch. After putting one foot in I decided that my feet were enough. It was freezing! But hey I stood in Loch Ness! Then the guy from the reception came to tell me that I was at the part of the water where the sceptical tank from the hostel came in. Great! So I went to take a shower. Then I read my little dorrit book on the e-reader with the most excellent view.

(Before you read the next part, I want to apologise for the crappy writing style. I wrote this while being a little tipsy.)

I just took a plunge in Loch Ness! There was this German girl, Jana, and we had this impulsive thought at 9pm to take a plunge and we did! We changed to our bikinis and dived in! It was so deep all of a sudden and cold for a second but afterwards it was kind of okay! It was so fun and now I really have swum in Loch Ness 🙂 A night with new friends and white wine followed after the swim. The next day I was already out and about again.

Cara Lagrou

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  1. Great, I will remember that you like swimming in a sceptic tank :):):)
    Dad (who learned you to be adventurous)

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