My first solo trip – part two

First of all, my sincere apologies for the huge delay of this post. There have been quite a lot of changes in my life, which ofcourse I will explain in a following post.

Now I will continue on the third day of my trip. In York.

Around 6 am people started waking up and there was a lot of noise. Around 7.30 I decided to get up and get ready for the day.

I went back to the station of York and got some breakfast there, since they only had English breakfast at the hostel. I left my backpack in a left luggage cabin so I could travel to Haworth completely relaxed. I got on the train to Leeds, there I took the train to Keighley. Here I took the steam train to Haworth! It was a 15min walk to the Brontë parsonage museum. It was breathtaking to walk in the rooms where they had lived. So many of their original belongings were still there. They even tried to investigate the colour of the walls to replicate it as correct as possible. After the tour through the whole house I went for a walk in their yard. And then I saw the moors. A few happy/disbelief tears rolled down my cheek. I still can’t believe I actually stood there! (The real wuthering heights moors were a bit too far but this was already so wonderful) On my way back to the railway station I had to sit down a few times to really let it sink in that I was actually here. Walking the steps they’ve walked. Not a lot had changed. Then it was time to take the steam train back to Keighley. The way back to York went fluently. In York I hurried to the left luggage center to get my backpack and hop on the train to Edinburgh. In about 2 hours I should be in Edinburgh. Until the train decided that it would not go further than Newcastle so I had to take another train to Edinburgh from there on. Because I hurried to catch the other train I apparently got on in the first class wagon and I couldn’t get out anymore. So it looked like I would have to sit in the hallway next to some trash bags for an hour and a half. Until this cute gay guy from the staff found me and helped me out. He took me through the staff doorway to the standard class. He told me where to go in Edinburg for a good time and even gave me a free bottle of water! Lucky me. I found my way to the hostel very easily and oh how special it was! It’s located in an old Belford and you really just sleep in the Belford! The showers are in the basement. And the location is just perfect not too far to walk but far enough from the noise. After installing my stuff there I ordered McDonald’s and ate it in Princess street park, with a view over castle rock ! After wandering in the streets a bit, I decided to walk into a pub and ask for a typical Scottish ale. Against all expectations, I actually liked it. The glass says innis & Gunn, the bartender told me it was an ale from Edinburgh.

So here I am now drinking an ale at a bar in Scotland.

Cara Lagrou

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