My first solo trip – part one

Me and my dad took the 5 am train in Buggenhout to get to Brussels. At 9am local time we were in London. We went straight to Hatchard’s to buy books from the gift card I got from my boyfriend. I got 5 books for 42 pounds! Here I bought ; the handmaid’s tale, the red haired woman, little dorrit, war and peace and number 11.

After going to the hotel to leave our luggage behind, we went to the Charles dickens museum. It was lovely! In his yard we drank coffee and ate a scone with jam. After this lovely experience we went looking for the Oscar Wilde statue and found it. Then we headed for Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, an old pub where the writers used to drink. It was beautiful on the outside but inside it was actually in a basement, it smelled like a combination of pee and fish & chips and had a damp feeling. We drank elsewhere. When we wanted a view of the Big Ben we noticed they were working on it and you couldn’t even see it.  So we went to the tower bridge , which was completely visible, thank God.  Then we headed in the direction of West End to find something to eat. We found a restaurant close to the theatre and ate very very well. After our dessert coffee we walked around in Covent Garden until it was time to go to the play. We watched The Play That Goes Wrong in the Duchess theatre. It was funny but a bit exaggerated sometimes. Apparently, we were the only ones who thought it wasn’t always that funny. Then we took the metro back to the hotel. It was such a fun and successful day. We did everything I wanted to see and even had some spare time for some drinks and wandering about.

The next day we went shopping real quick in the Skinny Dip store and Brandy Melville. We got out of Oxford street just in time before the march. Trump was in town and there were a lot of protesters. Then it was time to say goodbye. I was taking the train to York and daddy was taking the train back to Brussels. I was alone from now on.

On the two hour train ride to York I sat next to a 40-something year old man who told me his whole life story and who thought I was from England first , he said I had quite a British accent from the sea side. What a compliment!

Arriving at York, I had to find my hostel to drop my luggage. After taking the wrong route , I did arrive! Then I went to the city centre and sat down for a toast (which was accompanied by chips?). Here I had a though moment with the loneliness creeping up on me. Dad called and I cried, I pulled myself together and went shopping. Then mom called and I cried and then I was fine. I walked through the shambles and saw the York minster. After two hours I had seen the most of the city and went back to the hostel. I sat in the yard and read my book. After checking the menu at the hostel I decided to go get Chinese take away a bit further off and eat it back at the hostel. After reading some more I went to bed. It was surprisingly luxurious. The showers were very clean and private, next to your bunk bed you could charge your phone and you had a little reading light. I slept very well here.

Cara Lagrou

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