The results.

A month after I finished my exams we finally received the results. They were a slap in the face.

I did not expect the best grades after missing a month and being absent a lot, but I had never expected it to be this bad. I studied a lot and I really tried my best. So it was quite shocking to find out that I had failed 6 out of 9 exams.

But that did not demotivate me, not even for a split second.

The next day we were allowed to look into the exams. Some lectors wanted to help me, others just stared at me coldly and didn’t say a word but I’m not going to give up. I plan to do the best I can for the rest of the semester and follow additional tuitions when available. I will probably just start the whole year over in September. The credits I manage to get this year are a bonus. Those classes I won’t have to do next year.

It’s better to go slow and to reach your destination than to rush and crash somewhere along the road.


Cara Lagrou

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