Tender is the night

When I started this book I thought it was going to be another great Fitzgerald lovestory. It was much more than that.

This is the second book by F. Scott Fitzgerald that I have read and again it was mesmerising. It did not take long to get into the story. I immediately felt like I knew Rosemary, although I thought she was quite a dull character. But when the story started focussing on Nicole and Dick Diver and their secret, it had me devouring the pages.

Despite my exams, I still wanted to return to the French Riviera every night. I thought about Nicole and Dick while I was walking in the streets, the story stuck with me.

I can honestly say that I completely recommend this book to anyone! There are so many ways to look at the story. The love between Nicole and Dick is beautiful and confusing at the same time. Although he is strongly attracted to Rosemary, he loves Nicole too much to actually have an affair. He can not really be himself with Nicole. He has to be happy, jolly Dick for her and he does that. His whole life is dedicated to Nicole, being both her husband and doctor.

When I finished the book, I did not like it. I wanted to know how it went on, how they were doing afterwards. I kept thinking about them for quite a while because I felt like I knew the characters personally.

All I can say is, it is a new favourite and you really have to read it.

Cara Lagrou

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