Madame Bovary

I had heard a lot about this book and I couldn’t wait to read it. When you ask people what the book is about, they all answer: “About madame Bovary of course!”. It was the first book from Flaubert that I had ever read, so I did not have a clue what was coming to me. Because the story occurres in my favourite century to read about, I took a dive in the unknown. Soon Emma Bovary became my new best friend. I never expected the book to be that melancholic and beautiful. It is hard to believe that a man could write down the thoughts and feelings of a woman so well.

Note : if you wish to read this book without knowing what is going to happen, do not continue reading this.

The beginning of a story is always about getting used to the setting and getting to know the characters. With madame Bovary it went quite fluently and I didn’t have to wait too long for the story to really start. Before I knew it, she was married to mister Bovary and the unhappiness started. She didn’t feel like a real woman because in the books she read other women’s lives were way more interesting and exciting than hers. She dreamed of being a woman who has secret lovers. And yet, there she was with her perfectly boring husband. Every time she left her dull village, she made sure she looked ravishing. Although the men adored her looks they always said the same thing ; “That’s the doctors’ wife, we can’t risk that.” Then she meets Rodolphe who doesn’t seem to care about the fact that she is married at all. Unfortunately this, just like her marriage, doesn’t satisfy her. With her second lover it doesn’t work out either and a lot of things start to go wrong in her miserable life. The shocking, totally unexpected ending, had me all torn up and left me thinking about it for several days. This to me is the perfect book for cold winter nights.

Cara Lagrou

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