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There has occured yet another change of plans.

After noticing that the university was aimed a little too high, I started looking out for another plan. Since it was pretty clear that the courses were not what I thought they would be and discovering my huge backlog , I figured I had two options ; find something else that really interests me and where the chances of passing are higher or spend the next 5 to 8 years trying to graduate from university. So of course I decided to look for something else. I was immediately drawn towards journalism and decided to start the bachelor in journalism. Luckily I came to this decision right on time to be able to transfer schools without losing my credits. After 2 hours of waiting I got to speak with a counselor who told me I could register the next day, so I did.

I have just finished my first week in journalism. It happened to be a project week. We had to work in little groups of 6 and choose a topic to follow in the media throughout the week. On Friday we had to do a presentation about it before a jury. So the first week was pretty intense but I had fun and I liked the work we had to do.

The difference with the university is huge. I immediately made friends, which is pretty hard at uni because you can’t really talk there. Classes are smaller so the difference from high school is not so big. It is just way more comfortable and I can’t wait to start with the theory classes.

So once again Booksies has taken another turn.

Cara Lagrou

Hello! My name is Cara, I'm 20 years old and I love reading and writing about books. Here at Booksies you can follow my stories containing my literary adventures, books, books and more books!

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