Grammar for dummies

Things haven’t really been going quite as planned.

I have a really big backlog in grammar and the classes are all so difficult. I have now bought grammar for dummies so I can work on getting on track. I feel a bit like a dummy in most of the classes and of course not everything is interesting. The film history class will only involve silent films for the whole year! And theatre history is very interesting but the teacher goes so fast that you really have to write like Speedy Gonzalez. Grammar and proficiency are very hard but are needed to really get to know the language. One of the professors chose to start the second week very well, we had to write an argumentation from a thousand words so that says a lot about the coming tasks. Literature is only one hour in the week and we skip a lot of great works. The seminars for literature are really fun though, you can really discuss what you had to read. We also have philosophy which of course is interesting and fundamental to judge a book but also really hard. Then we also get the study of language and translation, which is basically just getting all the knowledge about how a language is formed and all the different types of translation into your head. I’m quite frightened that it could be too hard for me but that doesn’t stop me from trying until I’m certain.

I have only spent three nights at my place until now, that hasn’t really been going as planned either. I can’t stand to be alone there at night. I know I’ll just have to get used to it but that’s easier said than done.

I still got a lot to work on, but I’ll get there. Now I’ve got to finish reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.


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