A great start

The adventure has started… and the first thing I did was cry and go home.

Sunday night had arrived and I had to leave to spend the night in my studio for the introduction day on Monday.  I was there for about an hour and then the loneliness started creeping up on me. I did not like it one bit so after a session of crying hysterically, I left and spent the night at my boyfriend’s place. Great start, right?

The introduction day started in the cathedral of Antwerp which is beautiful! There was also a really interesting lecture about critical thinking by Johan Braeckman in a huge class. This was far from the last huge class I would see, in fact I see them almost everyday. Also the teachers (what should I call them now?) are so passionate it is just fun to listen to it.

The first night I actually slept at my studio was Tuesday. And thanks to really good company it wasn’t so bad. Wednesday was the last day, so for now I don’t have to be alone anymore. Good thing the lessons are really interesting.

I’ll just have to get used to this new style of living. I do have the feeling that I will be pretty busy and I won’t have much time for being bored and lonely anymore, thank God.

How did I ever think I could manage this in Amsterdam?

Maybe Antwerp isn’t so bad after all.


Cara Lagrou

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