My place

I officially have my own little studio.

Last weekend I got the keys to my studio in Antwerp and it is perfect.

I’m decorating it the way I like it and I really look forward to start living there. I just can’t wait for the year to start. Although I must admit that I’m quite anxious for my studies. In Belgium the studies are, generally, harder than in the Netherlands (which makes it even more unexplainable that I can’t start there, but okay). So that scares me a little. In Amsterdam I attended some of the courses so I knew what to expect. Now, in Antwerp, I missed all of that and I kind of feel a bit unprepared. I’ll just have to let it all come to me and see how I’ll manage. I do know that I’m gonna have to work really really hard.

But still, I can not wait to start.


Cara Lagrou

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