Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

I suppose many readers had great expectations about this book before reading it. I for one can say those certainly got fulfilled.

I’m not gonna talk about what the book is about because many of you already know it and I wouldn’t want to be a spoiler if you don’t.
This is the second Dickens novel I’ve read and I had the same experience with A Tale Of Two Cities as with Great Expectations. So I thought I’d write about that.
I do have to say that personally, I liked the story and the context of A Tale Of Two Cities better.
I will now tell you the steps I went through while reading these Dickenses.
1) At the beginning you feel like this is gonna be one of the best books you’re ever gonna read.
2) You start liking the context of the story and try to keep up with the characters and remember who did what.
3) It looks like three people could die in one sentence because they are sooo long.
4) When you’re in the middle of the book you just kind of feel like you are the main character but you also feel like you don’t know what is going on.
5) You start to think you can predict the ending of the book.
6) You get to the last shocking piece of the story and you KNEW IT ALL ALONG.
7) Then he finds some great ending which is completely different from your great expectations and he blows your mind.
8) The post-good-book-depression starts and you wish you never ended it.

Tip of the day : don’t read good books because they make you sad when they’re over. Nah, just kidding.

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