It’s for real

Sunday I was supposed to go get the keys for my room in Amsterdam, I went to Paris instead.

When we realised Amsterdam really wasn’t going to happen, we started looking for a room in Antwerp. It turned out to be way easier than in the Netherlands. There is one legit site. You don’t have to pay for anything and the site approves the trustworthy studio’s. After just a couple of e-mails we could look at 2 studio’s the next day. The first one was the best. And that’s how simple it was. No shady men, no creepy neighbourhoods. And yes, I upgraded from a room (8m2) to a studio (19m2) with my own shower and toilet for a hundred euros less a month! At the end of the month I’ll go get the key and the place will be mine.
So about Paris, since we promised my grandma once that we would go to Paris and visit her idol’s grave in a town near Paris, what better time was there than now? So we booked a two night trip, did all the cliché things a tourist does and had the best time. At the end of our first day in the city we had taken 22,073 steps, climbed 39 flights and walked 15,7 km. Let’s just say grandma suddenly felt 15 years older. (Or younger?)
For the moment, everything seems to be going great!
Cara Lagrou

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