After finding a room in Amsterdam nothing could go wrong, right? Three days later, everything was cancelled.
Well… it turns out the adventure can not quite begin as I planned. Suddenly I received an e-mail from the University saying my diploma isn’t equal to the credentials needed in the Netherlands to enter the uni. They only just figured this out now, a big month before the start of the year. After going to both bachelor days and open class days ánd getting great results on the admission test, I got the bad news in answer to my e-mail asking them whether my registration was fully completed and ready for payment. See the irony in that? Today we were informed the decision is final. I really can not attend any course at any university in the Netherlands according to their regulations.
What to do now? The only bachelor program in Belgium where you don’t have to combine English literature with another language is in Antwerp. There you can combine English literature with theatre and film. So I’ve decided to attend the course in Antwerp and get a little studio there. Of course it was quite shocking news and it’s hard to let go of my Amsterdam dream after almost two years. But let’s not drown in sorrow. This week I’m gonna finish up my registration for the University in Antwerp. It may not be the same adventure, but it still remains an adventure! I’ll keep you posted.
Cara Lagrou

Hello! My name is Cara, I'm 20 years old and I love reading and writing about books. Here at Booksies you can follow my stories containing my literary adventures, books, books and more books!

  1. You won’t regret your relocation in Antwerp. It’s a beautiful and vibrant city and you’re less than two hours away from Amsterdam. Good luck with your studies!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I still find it very saddening but , I do agree Antwerp is closer, I already know the city a little bit and my friends are there too!

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