The Big Search

The moment I graduated made me think that the adventure could really begin. But it turns out that wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. I still had to find a place to stay. After finding out that I chose one of the most expensive cities to live in, and after paying a lot of money for different sites before I could even react on a room, we were getting desperate. Only three people out of all the rooms I contacted gave me an answer. So we drove to Amsterdam to see these three rooms. The first one was with an Italian couple. I would get a bedroom and share the kitchen, bathroom and living room with them. And there was a puppy! But when they showed us the bedroom, it smelled of weed, the ashtray was still on the bed, and besides a bed and just enough space to walk around it there was nothing there. When my dad asked where I would have to study, they said they could put a table in the hallway right next to their bedroom. We kept it as an option, but my dad wasn’t really optimistic about it. Moving on to the next room, from an old foreign guy who had actually contacted me first. It seemed odd, and the WhatsApp conversation to arrange the meet up was also a little odd, so I changed his contact name to ”Shady”. When we arrived in the neighbourhood we didn’t even want to get out of the car. But because we had to be polite, we rang the doorbell and were sent to the third floor of an old building. When we got to the third floor, we stood there for five minutes not knowing which door it was and not knowing whether to stay or run away while we still could. A door opened and a young guy appeared, he then stepped away and there came Shady, still putting on his shirt. When we entered we had to take off our shoes and take a seat on the couch. He immediately took out his laptop and asked me how long I would stay. He thought everything was already settled. When we asked where I would sleep, he pointed to a bed standing a couple of meters away from the couch, separated from the living room by nothing but a partly see-through curtain. When asked where he would sleep, it turned out the couch we were sitting on was actually his bed. Apparently there also lived two polish guys, I think they didn’t get the chance to come and have a look first, and I still have no idea where they sleep. We got out of there as fast as we could. The last room was with a single mom and two daughters. There is another girl student staying there and it was better than I could ever imagine. The landlady is very nice and the room has all I need. So we jumped on it immediately. We payed a little in advance and she deleted all the adds for the room. The neigbourhood is nice and perfect to reach the university. The big search was over before we knew it. Next week I’ll get the key to my room in Amsterdam. The adventure can begin.


Cara Lagrou

Hello! My name is Cara, I'm 20 years old and I love reading and writing about books. Here at Booksies you can follow my stories containing my literary adventures, books, books and more books!


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